Complaints and Rantings

The British Accent Isn’t Real!

There is no such thing as a British accent. (Sorry America.)
Americans idolise and find the stereotypical British Accent highly attractive, but news flash it’s not real.

Here’s a YouTube video, educate yourself.
A tour is the British Isles in accents.

Great Britain is made up of 3 differnt countries Scotland (The best one.), Wales and England. All three of these countries have very differnt accents and dialects.

For instance in Scotland, the Aberdeenshire accent is very differnt from the Glaswegian accent. I live in between these cities and when I visit Glasgow I can hardly ever understand a word people say, usually because I’m out in a busy bar or night club but whatever.

I don’t know much about the differnt accents and dialects used in Wales other than that they also have their own language aswell as English.

Anyway, most people associate the British accent with England because apparently Americans forget about the other two countries…

England much like Scotland each city/county has its own accent/dialect, Liverpool and Newcastle have very differnt accents, people from Cornwall and Yorkshire talk very differently ect.

Most Americans associate the British accent with London, either Cockney from Londons East End, or an Upper Class “posh” accent associated with the Royals.

But whatever, a British accent is not a thing so just stop, Thanks.


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