Real Life Me

“This isn’t a love story, it’s a story about love.”

The story of how me and my boyfriend got together is like something out of a terrible rom-com and I can’t believe I’ve not shared this with you guys yet because it’s fucking beautiful!

I’ll just refer to my boyfriend as K.

In 2011 I had recently got out of a pretty shitty relationship, I started a Facebook account in hopes of meeting up with some old friends and to try and put some normality back into my life well, as much as was possible for someone like me.

So I started meeting up with old friends, going shopping,  grabbing coffee or wine, just chilling, y’know normal social interaction type stuff.

Anyway, I’d known K for about 6 or 7 years we had never really been friends or chilled much before, we just had mutual friends.
I can’t really remember how we started talking over Facebook I think I was looking for help with ITunes, but whatever he was fucking hilarious!
After about a week of ridiculously commenting on each others Facebook posts we decided to hang out one Saturday.
We walked around aimlessly for 5 minutes as he explained the scratches on his neck. (A girl we know who is a 5ft tall vegan and weights about 100 pounds attacked him at a party, but that’s another story.)
It was such a beautiful day and I was kinda anxious so we decided to grab some beer and chill at the park.

Yeah good idea, two boxes of beer later and i’m pretty wasted. A little while later his best friend met us, I needed to go home to get changed and then we could go back out again. We jumped on a bus up to mine, I got changed we picked up more beer and liqour and we headed out.

We were going to this girls house, I hated her in high school and she hated me! I was drunk enough that i didn’t really care.

In between her apartment and my parents house was a bar where my parents were drinking, keep in mind I had no intentions of starting a relationship/dating K so meeting my parents wasn’t weird… Right?
Wrong! It was really fucking weird, I regretted it immediately as I realised how drunk my parents were! My Dad was so over excited because e-cigs were just out and he thought he was super cool smoking inside a bar *rolls eyes.*
While my Mum reiterated that the guys needed to look after me and that she loved them. Seriously Mum you’ve only just met these poor boys! Jesus Christ! 

After a swift exit we made it to the party, I don’t know how long we were there, I don’t know who else was there. All I remeber from the party was sitting on the couch kissing K, and getting into a taxi to go into the town.

After that it’s a blur, I vaguely remember being in a karaoke bar and falling asleep in another bar. Oh Jesus. For some reason I let the Birthday girl use my phone to phone one of my oldest friends and shout at her for reasons unknown, like I didn’t know what my fucking name was.

Obviously it was time to go home, I didn’t have any money. K being so sweet took me home in a taxi and paid for it, and because I am so classy I waited until we got out the taxi before spewing absolutely everywhere. Urgh, what a fucking mess…
I have no idea how this poor boy even found me slightly attractive. He walked me to my door and I forced him to kiss me, no it gets worse!
I uttered the fucking words “I love you.” What the fuck?! What is wrong with my drunk ass?! The sobering realisation of what I just said hit me like a four tonne truck. He laughed it off and I apologised before heading inside, I just wanted my bed to swallow me! I let the crazy out too soon!

I woke up trying to piece together the night before, I really had no idea what had happened. After locating my phone which I had put in a box of cereal, I had a text from my friend asking me what I was doing letting some bitch give her abuse via my phone. Yeah I had some apologising to do, another message asking If I was with K, and another message from K saying he lost his phone. Turns out he left his phone outside the apartment where the party was so they’d know he had been back before getting a taxi home. Good logic dumbass. After apologising for being such a wreck we laughed about it and all was right with the world again…

So Monday arrived, I had survived the hangover! Flicking through Facebook I noticed K had changed his relationship status to “in a relationship.” Panic sets in, was this me? Are we together? What’s going on?! I changed mine too, what if it wasn’t me? What if he commented asking who I was in a relationship with? Oh hell.
After a few panicked texts to my friend, I knew she was meeting a group of friends at the bar that night and K would be with them. So I would get her to casually ask who he was seeing, to save me the embarrassment, simple? No she fucked me over and showed everyone the text messages, bitch!

I had a boyfriend for 2 days and didn’t even know…
We’ve now been together for 4 years. He’s my best friend, We game and play guitar together, go to gigs and travel together. The last 4 years have been the best of my life. I’m so grateful for him and I really don’t know where I’d be at without him. I’m also really happy we have such a rad story of how we got together.



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