Health and Wellbeing

Help is out there.

Hey everyone.
As you are all aware mental illness/mental health is so important to me, I suffer from depression and anxiety. I know the struggles of living with a mental illness all too well.

Sadly today a guy that actually used to live around the corner from me took his own life.
Suicide is terrifying, why did he feel like this was his only escape? Why couldn’t he ask for help? This just breaks my heart and makes my soul ache.

Today I’m going to list some helpful websites, telephone numbers, ect. That may be useful and maybe they will help some of you who are also struggling with mental illness.

Remember practices like yoga, meditation and other forms of exercise will clear your mind and naturally release happy hormones. If you are currently unmedicated like myself things like regular exercise or finding a new hobbie will help take your mind away from things for a little while.

Recently I was also given advice to take Vitamin D supplements, or if you are lucky to live somewhere with beautiful weather take advantage and go outside and enjoy the sunshine. 

Here’s a list of useful websites…

Breathing Space Scotland

Sane Charity

Time To Change

Mind Charity


Centre For Mental Health


Mental Help

Psych Central

Mental Health Matters

Rape Crisis England and Wales

Rape Crisis Scotland

Woman’s Aid

International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies

Woman Against Violence Europe

Hurt Project

Broken Rainbow LGBT

Another Closet LGBT

Male Survivors UK

Mens Advice Line

FRANK Drug Advice has a list of all international suicide hotline numbers.

There are so many helpful websites/number to list I could go on for days!
If you know of any useful sites/organisations or even just if you have any tips on how you cope please feel free to share them in the comment section.

Please, help is there if you need it!
Do not go through this alone, even just talking to a friends or a doctor could help.

Remember you are beautiful. You do matter. You are loved. You are important! 

Stay strong. Stay positive.

Love and Good Vibes,


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