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Superdrug Haul & Alt Milk Article.

Yet another Superdrug haul! Yay! This time all my items came to £5.82, I’m really excited about some of the products I’ve purchased so… here we go.
Again all of these products are cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Lemon Sherbet Dry Shampoo


This is so fresh and lovely smelling. I usually use Batiste dry shampoo but I’m unsure if it’s vegan friendly or cruelty free, also it’s about £3 and the Superdrugs own brand one is only 99p.

Pear Drops Conditioner


Yay! Finally for the conditioner to match my shampoo, it smells the same as the shampoo, I’ve not actually used this yet, I don’t really need to wash my hair all that often just 2-3 times a week. It’ll look cute in my bathroom, I really love the candy labels.

Cleansing Facial Wipes For Combination Skin


I decided to try the combination ones this time, I got normal skin wipes last time, I don’t know if they’ll make much of a differnce to be honest. These contain witch hazel which is a hood acne fighter and it reduces puffiness around the eyes. Also I noticed these are paraben free, if you don’t know what parabens are they are types of preservative and alot of people think they can cause cancer.

Coconut & Sweet Lime Body Butter


Okay so I’m really excited about this! Oh my god it smells amazing, like a tropical island! It’s really rich and it’s made with coconut oil. Anyway, I stopped using Body Shop products because they are owned by L’Oréal who test on animals, I used to love their cult classic body butters, so when I found this I was mega stoked! It only cost £1.95 and for the same size of tub in the Body Shop it costs I think £10? The only thing is that Superdrug don’t have loads of differnt scents but hopefully they’ll bring out some limited edition ones or special ones for Christmas ect. That’s what I’d like to see.

Alternative Milk Article in Cosmopolitan Magazine


I just thought I’d share this with you guys it’s really interesting and if you are new to a plant based lifestyle this might help you. I don’t know. Anyway…
When I seen this article in the UK Cosmopolitan I was so happy, Dairy is so bad for you! Not only is the dairy industry cruel, cows milk is for calfs to gain 500 pounds in just a few months, it’s not for people.

Here’s a link to the online article. It would really be amazing if people made a change, not just for the animals but for their own health.

Dairy Free Milks.

Love & peace.


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