Real Life Me

Life looks like these pics sometimes…

Deadite Den

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Well, these pictures certainly describe just how life is sometimes. The saying “story of my life” comes to mind. Have a giggle and reminisce on the times you could relate, so much.

  1. When you get yourself into something and realise it may have been a bad idea..


When you “just can’t even”

When you try to adult and cook dinner… enhanced-buzz-9160-1441223600-12

It’s all good, mate. enhanced-buzz-9160-1441224449-19

When life’s just not fair…

So close, yet so far… enhanced-buzz-12112-1439231926-5

Trying to fix your overall grade at uni by doing one good assignment…
enhanced-buzz-12161-1441223647-5“What did I do to deserve this?”
enhanced-buzz-12754-1439231942-5This sums up a lot of things…
enhanced-buzz-16397-1439237647-12Maybe next week?
enhanced-buzz-16462-1439231647-11 Life with siblings in a picture. enhanced-buzz-17018-1441224394-5Getting started is often the hardest part…
enhanced-buzz-17190-1439231902-5When you’re sure the universe has it in for you.

“Everything’s fine. I’m fine. I got this. This isn’t terrible at all.” enhanced-buzz-24192-1439231916-5

When you’re going it…

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