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Vegan Beauty | I Found A Miracle!

Okay, so I must have slept really weird last night or something and all day my neck and shoulder have been killing me! It’s just gotten worse during the day and it’s like the muscle in the side of my neck is pulling on my skull and now my head kinda hurts. Anyway, I remember I bought this stuff ages ago (Nip + Fab Post Workout Fix.) It’s a cute little roll on bottle I keep in my gym bag. Really that’s why I forgot about it because I can’t even remember the last time I went to an actual gym. It contains menthol to cool and soothe. I just rolled it on and oh my god it worked instantly! It was instant relief. I got so excited I had to share with you guys!


It’s also vegan and cruelty free, the only things in the Nip + Fab range that aren’t vegan are their “Bee Sting” products and i’m assuming that they contain honey.

Love & peace.


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