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Forest Sunday Funday!

I bought a camera from my friend, obviously I was super excited to use it so on Sunday I went for a wonder around the forest across from my apartment.

Literally I have a forest across the street down some steps and along a little lane, it’s super cute.

Anyway, I threw on my skeleton knee highs and my Satan sweat shirt, packed some snacks, rolled a joint, and off I went on my adventure. 

My mum always said “Don’t go in there alone.” Y’know incase there is weirdos hanging around, like really mum? I’m the weird one people avoid.

Off I went on my magical forest journey, it was pretty short lived I was out for about 40 minutes, once I snapped a few pictures, found a cute smoke spot, spoke to a dog, and finished my OJ, I realised I really fancied a PB & J sandwich so I set off home. I’d say that’s a pretty successful adventure.

Anyway,I got home made my sandwich, uploaded my pictures and had a play about with photoshop. I’ve never fucking used photoshop before, why is it so complex?! I don’t understand. It was pretty cloudy so my pictures looked a little sad, so I managed to brighten them up and make them look more cheerful. Yay! You go Glen Coco!

So yeah, that was my Sunday Funday, enjoy my pictures, don’t judge my terrible photography skills.




Love & peace.


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