Homeware Haul!

I finished work early today (Yay!) My mum and I only went out to buy a cake stand and got a little carried away.

Purchase #1


I couldn’t resist it! I have a problem, I’m basically Rebecca Bloomwood and have a huge shopping addiction that I should probably address, BUT ISN’T THIS JUST SO CUTE! Anyway it’s just a little jewellery holder, I put It on my dressing table and it’ll end up full of bobby pins and earring backs.

I got this from Home Bargins for £1.59.

Purchase #2


How fucking cute are these?! I plan to use these for smoothies, cocktails, soya chocolate milk! Urgh the possibilities are endless!

Quick note these are glass not plastic and they were from Home Bargins and cost £1.59.

Purchase #3


I was really excited to find this so cheap! I’ve been planning on buying a few from Amazon but the bigger ones like this are around £20.00, but this was only £3.99 from B&M. So I’m pretty stoked about that.


Purchase #4


All I bought was the black frame at £1.99 from Home Bargins. The leopard print is just a sample of wall paper it just matched my girly so well I thought this would look cute. My girly was a gift from my friend at Defy Art Lab and I highly recommend that you check her out she’s incredibly talented.

Purchase #5

I didn’t even bother taking a picture because it’s just a foldy out chair from B&M £6.99 not really exciting, but it’s something you will probably see alot of in the future.

Love & peace.


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