I got an SJCAM SJ4000, it’s basically a Go Pro but it’s quarter of the price. I got a cute pink one on Amazon for £68, if you decided to buy one from Amazon alot of people were receiving fakes, so make sure the order is fulfilled by Amazon, that way you should be safe!

I also purchased an accessories bundle from Amazon for £9.99 and a 32gb memory card for £8. The accessories bundle had a chest mount, head mount, a selfie stick, boyancy aide, and a dash cam mount, also it comes with extra clips and things. I don’t know the technical work.

I wanted a case for my camera to keep it from getting scratched in my bag,but I couldn’t find one cheap so I just bought a pencil case from ASDA for £3 and it holds the camera perfectly and a few accessories.


I honestly didn’t think the quality of the camera would be so good since it was so cheap, but I’m so happy with this, the quality is amazing! I adventured with my bestie around our favorite stops in town and took a little video of our adventure, the camera was still in it’s waterproof case so the video doesn’t look that great but I couldn’t think of any other to attach it to the selfie stick. But seriously it is a good quality camera. So yeah, I’m pretty stoked.

SJ4000 Test Adventure

Love & peace.


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