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SUP Girl?

So guys, I went for a SUP (Stand up paddle.) lesson yesterday, with Matt from Paddle Surf Scotland. It was £40 for a 3 hour lesson and rental of equipment.

It was amazing! Not only was the weather stunning, Matt was a super chill dude and a great teacher.

I’ve never really been into any sort of sport but after yesterday I’ve already picked what kind of board I want to buy for myself. I really can’t wait to get back in the water!

We went out to Loch Freuchie near Amulree, it was so beautiful and quiet, it’s just a single lane country road that takes you up towards Amulree we only met one other car and a herd of sheep.


Also not only did I learn to SUP, I learnt that sheep can swim.


Anyway, once I’d squeezed into a wetsuit we headed down to the water, we paddled out a little and now I’d have to attempt to stand up on the board without going head first into the water. After my fourth attempt I finally got on my feet, luckily still dry I may add. We paddled around a little and I learnt all the basics of how to go faster and turn properly without taking 100 years to do so.

Once I learnt the basics we went on an adventure along the River Quaich, it wasn’t a wide river but it had lots of twists and turns so I had to remember everything I was just taught, so naturally I panicked, forgot how to turn and ended up face first into a tree then toppling over into the water. Yay me! That was the only time I fell in so I’m pretty proud of myself. The water was suprisingly not completely freezing and I was kinda over heating from the sun beating down into my black wetsuit, so the water did cool me off.


After we adventured up the river we turned around to head back to the Loch, we found a little sheep in the water at the banking who seemed to be stuck, he seemed happy enough but Matt climbed off his board to check the sheep was okay. Turned out the poor critter had a broken front leg and couldn’t climb out, the sheep was to heavy to lift and Matt couldn’t get him in his board so he swam across the river with the sheep to a lower banking so the sheep could get out the water and dry off. He seemed pretty happy to lay in the sun close to his sheep friends and munch on the grass. Once we got back Matt was going to the farm up the road a bit to let the farmer know of the injured sheep.

But yeah, I really had a blast (even if my body is acheing all over and my thumbs are blistered from holding onto the paddle for dear life.) and I’d honestly recommend paddle boarding to anyone and everyone. You can also do surfing and yoga on a SUP board, also the boards we were using are inflatable and come with large backpacks or trolley cases so you don’t even need a car you can just grab a bus or train. It’s truly a sport for anyone.


Just a side note, I did take my Go Pro but it didn’t record so I’m pretty gutted but next time I’ll make sure I can work it for real.

Love & peace.


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