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Aromatherapy Oils For Treatment of Anxiety & Depression

Why aromatherapy?

Well, I truly believe in the benefits of aromatherapy for mind, body, and soul. The oils are affordable, can be used every day, and I personally don’t like being medicated. Medication comes with all sorts of potentially dangerous side effects, did you know some antidepressant medication can cause suicidal thoughts? That just seems absurd to me, especially when there are natural options to try.

WARNING! Essential oils do absorb into the blood stream so I would not recommend using them while pregnant, breast feeding, or while taking medication.

What oils treat anxiety and depression?

There are hundreds and hundred of essential oils so it can be a struggle to look up information on each individual one, so I took the time to do that for you and I’ve made a handy list of essential oils and their benefits.

Majoram: Recommended for use at bed time.
Majoram induces sleep, promotes relaxation, and reduces stress. This oil is recommended for those suffering with chronic stress, anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia.

Geranium has been beneficial in the treatment od anxiety and depression.

Basil has a refreshing scent which helps mental fatigue and depression. Regular use of this oil promotes mental strength and clarity.

Bergamot: Not recommended for use at bed time.
Bergamot has a fresh and energizing scent, this oil promotes a feeling of joy so if beneficial for those who suffer with depression and low mood.

Clary Sage: Recommended for use at bed time.
Clary sage boots self-esteem, confidence, hope, and mental strength. This oil has relaxing properties and induces sleep, this would be a good oil to use I treatment od anxiety and insomnia.

Juniper Berry:
Juniper berry has an emotionally supportive effect, this oil is beneficial for spiritual healing and treating depression.

Pine Needle: Not recommended for use at bed time.
Pine needle oil promotes an energized feeling, it uplifts spirits and reduces stress, and mental fatigue. It is also good for boosting concentration and is beneficial for those suffering with memory loss.

Lavender: Recommended for use at bed time.
Lavender induces sleep and relieves mental exhaustion. Lavender oil has been successful in the treatment of insomnia.

Citrus: (Orange/Mandarin/Lemon/Lime) Not recommended for use at bed time.
Citrus oils are great for balancing and uplifting mood.

Rose promotes a sense of well-being, it boots self-esteem and confidence. Rose promotes positive thoughts and spiritual relaxation.

Rosemary boosts memory, concentration, and renews mental energy. Rosemary relieves depression and mental fatigue.

Peppermint clears the mind and can provide relief from stress, anxiety, and depression.

Frankincense: Recommended for use at bed time.
Frankincense promote mental peace, relaxation, and spirituality, it lowers anxiety, anger, and stress.

Ylang Ylang:
Ylang Ylang fights depression, chronic stress, and anxiety, it relaxes body and soul, it promotes feelings of joys and it can be very effective for those who are suffering nervous breakdowns.

Eucalyptus: Not recommended for use at bed time.
Eucalyptus rejuvenated and removes mental exhaustion, it creates a cooling and refreshing effect.

Ginger: Not recommended for use at bed time.
Ginger root oil is stimulating and awakening, it can relieve depression, stress, anxiety, and feelings of unrest.

Sandalwood stimulates the power of concentration, boosts energy, and promotes positive thoughts, it relieves stress, anxiety, and restlessness.

How do I know what oil to choose?

First of all just choose a couple of oils from the list above, I would always recommend more than one because sometimes the same scent all the time can get boring, but if you only want to use one that’s totally fine too. Just make sure your selected oils apply to your needs for example, if you suffer from insomnia avoid citrus because they are energizing and wont make you sleepy, you’d be better choosing lavender, and vice versa. What is important is that you enjoy the scent, and when you smell it it makes you feel good, if you really just despise the smell of ginger I’d recommend that you stay away from it at all costs.

How to surround your world with healing scents.

So you’ve chosen your essential oils, now you need to know what to do with them, don’t just sniff them straight out the bottle, and don’t pour them on your hand are start rubbing them into your skin, I know they are oil but too much of a good thing can cause dehydration and headaches, everything in moderation, okay?
If you do want to apply these oils onto your skin you can do that, just add a couple of drops into a carrier oil (grapeseed oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil. ect.) or another option is to buy a unscented body cream and add a few drops of your selected oils into the cream.

I also wouldn’t recommend putting oil onto your clothing because it will probably stain, but if you have old pyjamas or clothes you only wear around the house or whatever you can add a drop of oil onto the cuffs of the sleeves or the collar.

If you suffer from insomnia only use your selected oils at night-time or just before bedtime, I’d recommend just adding a few drops on your pillow. There are hundreds of lavender products on the market produced to help people get a good nights sleep but for one not everyone likes the scent of lavender and essential oils last a long time and are usually pretty inexpensive.

Adding about 5 to 10 drops of your chosen essential oil into a hot bath is always a great idea, this will also fill you home with your favorite healing scents! No bath? No problem, just add a few drops into a bowl of hot water. Alternatively you could add a few drops onto a tissue and inhale deeply a few times through your nose.

You want to be able to take your favorite scents with you on the go, no point in only having them in the cosy comfort of home, right? Right, taking your little bottle of oil out with you can be messy, it can leak, smash, or get lost and no one needs that, so what other option do we have? Well you’ll need to invest in a bag of cotton balls or tissues and some zip lock bags or just sandwich bags whatever you can get a hold of.
So once you’ve got those items all you need to do is add a couple of drops of essential oil to the cotton balls or tissues, seal them inside the bag and Viola! Chuck a bag in the car, in your purse or bag, in your locker at work, in your gym bag, wherever, and when you need a hit of positivity just pop the bag open and inhale.

I really hope this blog helps, and please remeber to stay strong, you will beat this.

Peace & Love,


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