Vegan Eats

Reasons why carbs are your bff

♡ Carbs come in all differnt shapes and sizes.
♡ Carbs give you energy so you can function as a human being.
♡ Carbs are delicious af.
♡ Carbs boost your metabolism.
♡ Carbs give you that warm fuzzy feeling.
♡ Carbs are essential to life, carbs ARE life!
♡ Carbs contain fibre, and fibre helps you poop better.
♡ Carbs are there to support you 24/7.
♡ Carbs are comforting and help reduce nervousness and anxiety.
♡ Carbs help you get a better nights sleep.
♡ Carbs help boost memory, so you can remember all the good times together.
♡ Carbs don’t care who you are, carbs don’t judge.
♡ Carbs are good for your heart.
♡ Carbs literally go with everything. EVERYTHING!
♡ Carbs are hella caring.
♡ Carbs don’t make you fat.
♡ Carbs make you super happy.
♡ Carbs love you way more than you’ll ever know.


So yeah, carb the fuck up and start living that high carb low fat plant based life.

Love & peace.


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