Real Life Me

31 Nights Of Horror (Kinda.)

I was going to post this daily but my internet at home has been terrible since its getting upgraded so I decided just to do it all at once. I also tried to avoid spoilers incase anyone wants to watch any of these films. So, enjoy my Halloween movie marathon!

October 1st | House Of A 1000 Corpses (2003) | My Score 9/10

October 2nd | The Devils Rejects (2005) | My Score 9/10

October 3rd | Clerks II (2006) | My Score 3/10
I stayed at my friends that night and this was the filmed voted to go on, I fell asleep half way through.

October 4th | Detention (2011) | My Score 7/10
It has hella rad 90’s references.

October 5th | Dawn Of The Dead (2004) | My Score 9/10

October 6th | Grave Encounters (2011) & Grave Encounters 2 (2012) | My Score 10/10
These are my favorite films, very underrated.

October 7th | The Conjuring (2013) | My Score 10/10
All films based on true stories are creepy as hell.

October 8th | The Babadook (2014) | My Score 8/10

October 9th | Stitches (2012)  | My Score 7/10
It only had one star on Netflix, I thought it was pretty funny.

October 10th | Silent Hill (2006) & Silent Hill: Revelation (2012) | My Score 10/10
Pretty accurate to the games, unlike some films… Yeah I’m talking about you Resident Evil!

October 11th | Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015) | My Score 4/10
“If you call out to one of the dead, all of them can hear you.” Bitch calls out to the dead. *Rolls eyes.*

October 12th | Annabelle (2014) | My Score 8/10
Based on true events, and dolls are fucking creepy!

October 13th | Cube (1997) | My Score 8/10

October 14th | The Devil Inside (2012) | My Score 9/10
I really really love “found footage” films.

October 15th | The Mist (2007) | My Score 8/10

October 16th | John Dies At The End (2012) | My Score 1/10
It only got the one because of the cute dog.

October 17th | Martyrs (2008) | My Score 8/10
This film is really brutal. The english dub can also be a little off-putting at the beginning.

October 18th | [Rec][Rec] 2 | My Score 9/10
Another “found footage” film, the US version is called Quarantine, but [Rec] is much better and less dramatised.

October 19th | Warm Bodies (2013) | My Score 10/10
Julie gave me a Bella (Twilight.) vibe, but i really loved this film. Also Dave Franco.

October 20th | Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988) | My Score 1/10
I fucking hate the 80’s.

October 21st | The Blair Witch Project (1999) | My Score…
I can’t give this a score because when it came out people believed it was real. Did you know it cost them $60,000 to make this piece of shit?! I just can’t with this film.

October 22nd | Would You Rather (2012) | My Score 7/10
Robb Fucking Wells!

October 23rd | Sharknado (2013) | My Score…
I..I just don’t know.

October 24th | 28 Days Later (2002)28 Weeks Later (2007) | My Score 8/10

October 25th | A Haunted House (2013) | My Score 6/10
Generic spoof, pretty funny, sick reference.

October 26th | The Sacrament (2013) | My Score 9/10
“Found footage” film loosely based on Jonestown, Guayana.

October 27 th | Scream (1996) | My Score 4/10

October 28th | Hellraiser (1987) | My Score 8/10

October 29th | Drag me To Hell (2009) | My Score 5/10
I feel like half way through the writers just didn’t know what they were doing and were just winging it.

October 30th | The Evil Dead (1981) | My Score 8/10
You gotta remember this was early 80’s before judging the quality.

October 31st | Alien (1979) | My Score 10/10
This film was way before its time, it’s a fucking masterpiece!


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