Real Life Me

Halloween isn’t just a holiday, it’s a lifestyle.

I live for Halloween, my creepy little life revolves around this Holiday!

I thought I’d share with you guys what I did to celebrate Halloween this year.

We had a 31 Nights of Horror movie marathon.

Click here to check out My Week In Makeup Halloween Edition. Also just to clarify what I was wearing on Halloween are also my normal year round clothes.

I’m kinda sad I never got pictures of my Halloween decorations at work, and I didn’t decorate my apartment except for one little skeleton which will probably hang from the door handle of my living room forever now and my Candy Corn scented candle.

The Wednesday before Halloween my boyfriend and I carved pumpkins, his is the one on the right and I carved the other two.


To my horror some asshole kids stole babes pumpkin and the heart pumpkin the next day, and the day after Halloween I noticed my kitty one was gone too. This is why I can’t have nice stuff in my garden. Dicks!

On Halloween I was supposed to go to a gig with babe and his friend, to be honest I was undecided if I’d go or not but after a mild anxiety attack and crying off my makeup I decided to chill at home instead. So I smoked a couple of bowls, drank two cartons of chocolate soya milk, watched some YouTube videos, and played some Lollypop Chainsaw. So it ended up being a decent night. 

Yeah, it was a fairly chill Halloween for me, usually I’m blackout drunk and can’t remember any of it.

I hope everyone had an amazing and safe Halloween weekend! Let me know in the comments what your costume was and what you did.

Love & Peace,


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