November Haul

I have been such a busy month for me! I’m so sorry this haul is so fucking late, I’m terrible, but I hope you love bugs enjoy!

Phone Cases
I got 3 super cute phone Cases this month from Ebay they were all super cheap and super cute! I have a Samsung Galaxy S6, but these are obviously all available for iPhones. It’s actually pretty hard to find cute cases for anything that isn’t an iPhone. Urgh.


Pikachu Case £2.79
Doggy Case £2.79
Ducky Case £2.59

Emoji Stickers

I basically write everything down from blog ideas to notes reminding me to do stuff, so I bought some cute emoji stickers because I’m obsessed and it will make all my scribbles look hella cute.


I got these from Amazon for £1.89.

Matalan Yoga Clothes

I needed some new yoga stuff, and I’m on a hella budget so I went to Matalan and got these yoga pants and two vests in the sale, their sports wear is actually really nice quality and even nicer prices.

Yoga pants £8.00


(Excuse the fuzzy socks, it’s cold this time of year.)

Matching racer back vest £6.00


Black vest £4.00
Okay so I’ve actually lost the black vest top, it was just a plain black racer back vest, but it was lovely thick ribbed material.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

I’m obsessed with Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick, of you haven’t seen My Week In Makeup series you might have missed that, but I hardly use any other lipstick now. These were all purchased from Cocktail Cosmetics because it is hard to source these in the UK for a decent price so this is really the place to be getting these bad boys from.

They were all £14.00 each and I got them in Drug Lord, Prom Night, and Hoe Hoe Hoe.

Treacle Moon

I was so happy when I found out these beauties were vegan friendly! They have always been my favorite bubble baths and now I love them even more!
I got Warm Cinnamon Nights, The Honey Comb Secret, and Dusted Cocoa Heaven. They are £2.99 each so I think that’s a great price for a 500ml bottle.


Also the little cute rubber duckies were £2.00 and all of this was purchased from Tesco.

Living Dead Clothing

Picture from Living Dead Clothing.

If you guys follow my Instagram you will know about my fairly impressive legging collection, well this is the place to be purchasing all your nylon goodies from! This was my first time ordering anything other than leggings and I am not disappointed,  now I am a real life Nintendo Princess!

(I just didn’t have time to get a picture of me in my dress so this one is from Living Dead Clothing.)

Zelda Cosplay Skater, $79.00 Aus.

Love & Peace,


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