Vegan Eats

Vegan Eats | Banana & Coconut Cake

So I found this recipe on and it’s delicious!

So preheat your over to 180ºC/350ºF/Gas Mark 4, let’s bake!

What you’ll need for the cake…

♡ 250g plain flour

♡ 3 teaspoons baking powder

♡ 100g fairtrade light brown sugar

♡ 75g desiccated coconut

♡ 4 large ripe fairtrade bananas

♡ 150ml plant milk

♡ 100ml coconut oil

♡ 1 tablespoon maple syrup

♡ 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

What you will need for the topping…

♡ 150ml creamed coconut (carton.)

♡ 200ml canned coconut milk

♡ 1 tablespoon maple syrup

♡ 50g desiccated coconut

Baking the cake…

♡ Sieve together the flour, baking powder and sugar.

♡ Gently stir in the desiccated coconut.

♡ In a separate bowl, whisk together the plant milk, coconut oil, syrup and vanilla extract.

♡ Peel and chop the bananas and blend.

♡ blend the liquid mixture into the banana purée.

♡ Fold the wet banana mixture a little at a time into the dry ingredients.

♡ Pour the mixture into a greased cake tin and bake for about 45 minutes.

♡ Remove from the oven and leave in the tin to set for 10-15 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack to cool completely.


Whisk up the topping…

♡ Pour the coconut milk into a bowl and whisk until smooth.

♡ Stir in the maple syrup and desiccated coconut.

♡ Whisk in the coconut cream.

♡ Put the topping in the fridge to set a little until it becomes stiff enough to spread on top of the cooled cake.

♡ Decorate! I used chia seeds, crushed banana chips, and whole banana chips.

♡ Keep it in the fridge so it stays fresh!


Love & Peace,


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