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Vegan Tuck Box Unboxing | Chocolate Lovers Box

So, this is my first time experiencing a subscription box, I just bought the one time chocolate lovers box from Vegan Tuck Box. 🍫

What is Vegan Tuck Box?

“Vegan Tuck Box is a monthly vegan box full of new and exciting vegan products. Long term vegans, Chrissy and Kelly, scour the globe to find the tastiest and most innovative vegan food items. You’re guaranteed to find your kind of vegan treats and snacksΒ including vegan chocolate, sweets, biscuits, snack bars, raw products, drinks, crisps and other savoury snacks”

I’m probably going to subscribe to the monthly box and do monthly unboxings.

So, what’s in the box?!


Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates, Melk Chocolate Salted Caramels

These are my favorite from from this box, just oh my God they are so fucking good! 😍I really love salted caramel!


Sarelle Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Wafer

I love wafers! But this one got smushed up in transit so when I opened the packet it went everywhere, still tasted super yummy though!


Cocoalibre Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Penguins

HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE?! They’re good,  but they are just solid chocolate so biting into them is a struggle.


Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates, Chocolate Hazelnut Snowballs

These are basically vegan Ferrero Roches! I love coconut covered chocolate! 😍


Love & Peace,


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