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A Concrete Prison

I have never been to Seaworld, and I never have planned to visit. I know animals are not here for human entertainment. These animals are not ours, they are not owned by Seaworld, how can a living being be owned?! They were stolen, stolen from their homes, stolen from their families.



This is something that we shouldn’t stop talking about, we shouldn’t stop fighting for the voiceless, we shouldn’t support Seaworld and others alike, not until they adopts some ethical values and let these animals go back home to the ocean.

The fact people actually pay money to go and watch animals who are enslaved and suffering is just completely absurd! Recently I’ve heard alot of people who support Seaworld use the excuse of “I’m only one person.” the millions of people who use this excuse once their decision to contribute towards the cruelty of animals is questioned is pure insanity, if those people just chose to not visit Seaworld, Seaworld would probably cease to exist!


Anyway I could rant passionately about this for hours, but here are some facts and figures, and the reasons I will never ever support Seaworld.

Let’s start with the prisons tanks… 

The Orcas at Seaworld are so confined and restricted that the size of the tanks compared to an orca is about the same as a human to a bathtub. 

The average length of a Seaworld Orca tank is just 0.0615 miles, wild Orca can swim up to 100 miles in a single day. Even in the largest tanks at Seaworld for Orca to swim as much as they do in the wild they would need to do 1,208 laps around the perimeter or 3,105 lengths!

Another example of how inadequately sized  these tanks are for Orca is at the Miami Seaquarium, The tank known as the Whale Bowl, is 80ft by 35ft and 20ft deep. The whale bowl holds their sole Orca, Lolita (her tank mate Hugo died on the 4th of March 1980 after repeatedly smashing his head against the walls of the tank.), which is less than two of her body lengths wide at any point! Lolita is 20ft long and weights around 7,000 pounds, Lolita currently shares her tank with a pair of dolphins. How can anyone be expected to live in such confinement?!


Not only are the tanks not wide or long enough, they are not nearly deep enough either. Wild Orca can dive up to depths of 1,000ft, but the deepest tank at Seaworld is a pathetic 40ft deep. Not only is the lacking depth restricting the Orcas natural diving abilities it is also causing the Orcas harmful and painful sunburns, and the development of cataracts because they cannot seek shade in the depths of the ocean like they would 95% of the time in the wild. It is uncertain what the long term effects of prolonged UV exposure has on Orca skin, since captive Orca autopsies are extremely secretive.

Seaworld have proposed to spend $95 million on the construction of larger tanks, but costal sanctuaries would only cost a fraction of that and they would have tens of millions to spend on caring for these marine animals.

Let’s have a look at Orca lifespan…

In the wild the average male Orca lifespan is 30 years old, and a maximum age of 60 to 70 years old, female Orcas on average live to be 50 years old, and a maximum age of 80 to over 100 years old!


The average lifespan of a captive Orca at seaworld? Less than 13 years old. In the last 10 years, 7 Orcas “owned” by Seaworld died at the average age of less than 13. 63% of whales who have died in captivity spent less that 6 years in tanks before their death.

According to Orca lifespan is a “complex issue” and they also say “no one knows” the average Orca lifespan. Y’know because marine biology isn’t a profession, and these beautiful creatures just aren’t studied… Yeah, okay then.

Happiness or lack of…

Do you really believe that these super intelligent animals are happy? Are they happy to be stolen away from their homes and families? Happy to be forced into proforming? Happy to live in a concrete prison?

85-90% of the adult male Orcas in captivity have a collapsed dorsal fin, this is most likely because they cannot swim freely and they are fed an unnatural diet (frozen fish.)
This rarely ever happens to Orca in the wild, actually only 1% of wild orca have dorsal fin abnormalities, when this does happen to wild Orca it’s usually due to injury or old age.


According to Seaworld “educators” the dorsal fin is just like human hair, some can be curly, others straight.
Who the fuck is falling for this bullshit?!

Poor diet…

Orca in captivity eat frozen, depleting much of the nutritional value and freshwater content. They are also only fed during the day which means that their kidneys stop producing urine at night time. This leads to physiologic dehydration on a daily basis. Fish alone is not enough for a captive Orca to stay hydrated. As a result, all captive marine mammals require supplemental hydration. Trainers insert a rubber hose through the throat and into the stomach in order to funnel in freshwater. They may feed the animals ice, or inject freshwater into the frozen fish.

Dehydration can also contribute to the collapse of the dorsal fin.

Whale and dolphin species in the wild work in groups and use complex strategies in locating and hunting their prey. In captivity they are given no opportunities to utilize their instinctually sophisticated hunting techniques.


Many whale and dolphin species live in complex societies, maintaining close ties with family and friends. Some remain in their family pods for life! 


Seaworld and other such terrorists violently captured Orca from the wild. The Orcas have no hope of ever being reunited with their families. Once in captivity, the animals are withheld forever from their wild instinct.

Orca are highly sociable and can live in pods made up of 2-15 individuals. Larger pods have been spotted but those are temporary for mating, social contact or when there is an abundant food availability.

At Seaworld it is not unusual for these highly social beings to be in solitary confinement.

Draw My Life: Seaworld Edition.

If you would like more information on the life of captive Orca I will leave a few links below.

Wild vs. Captive
Seaworld of Hurt
Miami Seaprison
Save Lolita
The Orca Project


Let’s remember it’s not only Seaworld who exploits animals, it’s any “park”, it’s any circus, it’s any one that uses animals as entertainment for financial gain. These kinds of places/people should be avoided at all costs.

Do not fund the cruelty, suffering, abuse, and enslavement of these innocent beings.

Love & Peace,


4 thoughts on “A Concrete Prison

  1. Have you seen the documentary Blackfish? It was an excellent documentary. I will admit that I did not know of the cruelties that went on in SeaWorld. I have never been to a SeaWorld and now I do not plan on it, after seeing that documentary.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I’ve seen it.
      I do not blame the trainers or employees of Seaworld at all, (before Blackfish.) I just think they were uneducated on the wellbeing of the animals and they were just in denial, like the true excitement of getting to work with those giants just took over and they were blinded by it.
      It’s the people at the top sitting on stacks of cash that are to blame, greed over everything to them.


      1. Oh yes! I agree. Watching that documentary I could tell that they truly had no idea what really was happening to these poor orcas. I truly hope that SeaWorld gets shut down because seeing such beautiful creatures living like that is just so depressing.

        Liked by 1 person

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