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Accidently Vegan: Apple Pies?


The Co-operative Loved by us, 6 Bramley Apple Pies.


These apple pies are accidently vegan!

Yes they may contain trace amounts of dairy and eggs, but those ingredients are not in these apple pies. I don’t think we should worry about trace amounts or contaminants, you are not contributing to the egg, meat, and dairy industries. We need to support vegan products when we can, so don’t worry about trace amounts, they are almost unavoidable so if you do worry about trace amounts and contaminants you wouldn’t be able to eat very much. 


Love & Peace,


7 thoughts on “Accidently Vegan: Apple Pies?

  1. Hi. Do you know whether the glycerine and sugar in these are vegan? They could be the things stopping it from being labelled vegan rather than the contaminants unless you’ve checked with the Co-op? Not a criticism if you’re not sure – I seem to be constantly finding new nasty surprises of things I thought were vegan but aren’t! I completely agree with your views on trace ingredients that are purely due to where something’s manufactured. I wouldn’t avoid a product just for that either! Awesome blog btw! April xx

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      1. Oh no! Nevermind. Lots more vegan treats out there for us! I wouldn’t worry too much about having bought them – I don’t always check whether sugar is vegan, especially if I’m in a hurry. We’re doing our best to help animals and that’s the main thing – no point driving yourself crazy with it. We’d spend all our time contacting companies if we checked every single thing that contains sugar! Having thought about it some more, I’m pretty sure the glycerin has to be vegan if it’s vegetarian, as it comes from tallow when animal-derived. Would love to see a recipe for apple pies if you do make some! Pretty sure some jus-roll pastry is accidentally vegan so might be worth getting that if you don’t want to make your own. xx

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