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Vegan Beauty | First Impressions | Tarte Foundation


It finally arrived!

When I ordered this foundation it was wait list only on QVC so it feels like an eternity since I ordered it, it’s actually only been a month but whatever…

So Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation, I ordered it in light sand and it’s a really good colour match for me, I usually struggle so much to match colours when I’m ordering makeup online.

I really think this is the one, I’ve honestly struggled to find a foundation since I stopped using Estee Lauder, but Estee Lauder is definitely not vegan and not cruelty free. Tarte has saved me, it’s giving me all kinds of feels right now, the coverage is so perfect and it makes my skin look flawless, I’ve not even got consealer on today because I ran out last week, I’m so incredibly impressed! Next time I order this I might buy two just in case it sells out again, I don’t ever want to be without this!


Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation is vegan and Tarte is cruelty free! Yay! Also when I ordered this from QVC it came with a free brush which is also vegan and it feels and looks beautiful, I’ve not used the brush yet since it’s so pretty and new, and I quite like using my Blending sponge to apply my foundation.

When I ordered this foundation from QVC it was £36 including postage. So it’s a pretty good deal when you get a free brush, I think the brush alone is £20? (Don’t quote me on that.)

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Love & Peace,


30 thoughts on “Vegan Beauty | First Impressions | Tarte Foundation

    1. My skin is a hit or miss, it’s pretty discoloured but the foundation coverage is amazing! My skin can fluctuate between super dry and super oily but I just change up my moisturisers as needed. (:

      Love & Peace, SBB. Xo


  1. Ooh… So glad you did this post. I have this in my collection but didn’t think it was vegan. (I’ve double checked and it is – very happy to have been wrong!) Might have to do a review of it if I ever find my camera – it’s helpfully decided to go missing right when I need it! Tarte’s one of my favourite brands too. Only gripe with them is that I wish they’d veganise all their blushers so I can buy more! Might have to ration the few I have from my pre-vegan days. xx

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    1. I’ve only just started using Tarte and I love them! I am surprised that they do have a pretty good range of vegan products. Yes, fingers crossed they’ll maybe decide to go fully vegan in the future.

      Love & Peace, SBB. Xo

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