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Shame on Moinesti!

Copied from Paws2Rescue

Despite us trying to help, adopting dogs, Moinesti public shelter has announced that it is euthanising after 14 days of capture.

Once again we have emailed the Mayor.

Please can everyone share so that the world’s eyes remain on Moinesti.

Locals please help the dogs, please go in and adopt.

Stop these murders!

Sent Items

” Dear Mr Mayor,

We have seen that you intend to euthanise dogs after 14 days of capture.

Once again, we would like to offer to implement a comprehensive spay and neuter campaign in Moinesti town to ease the situation of the excessive dog population working with local rescuers and NGO’s.

With regard to the Public Shelter, are you able to put small dogs and puppies in a separate enclosure so that the big dogs stop attacking them.

Also, what will it take from us and other locals to stop you killing the dogs? We are committed to offer any assistance that is humanly possible.

Once again, we await your reply.

Thank you.
Representing the UK. ”

Link to original post.

Please, if you could also spare 5 minutes to send an email too it will help put pressure on so they may reconsider their decision.
If you could please share the original post so the world can see how Romania treats their dogs!

Paws2Rescue Facebook

Love & Peace,


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