Vegan Fashion

Vegan Fashion | TUK Footwear


Okay, I wasn’t going to show these early, I bought them to wear to my cousins wedding. They’re cute, huh? Buy anyway, we aren’t here to talk about how cute these are…

TUK actually have a pretty large selection of vegan shoes, how rad is that?! They make it super easy to tell which shoes are and which aren’t vegan, you can use the search bar and just search “vegan”, super simple, or just look out for their super handy vegan symbol…


So if you’re like myself and like quirky alternative fashion I would highly recommend TUK, not only do they have vegan options, they are super high quality, and they have a pair of shoes for every occasion! Also if you see a pair of shoes and the vegan symbol isn’t shown but the materials look vegan, just give them a quick email and they’ll be happy to help.

Love & Peace,


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