Knowledge Is Power


Okay… *eye roll.*
I kinda can’t with the whole ‘Veggan’ thing.

Yes, okay, these rescued back yard hens are having a lovely time, being cared for, getting cuddles, ect. But why does that make you want to eat their period even more?! Guys, that’s hella gross!

It’s better than being a Meat Tard, and if you’re using it as a stepping stone to veganism that’s awesome, but remember eggs have more cholesterol than a McDonald’s Big Mac! Alot of vegans have been turning ‘veggan’ for protein *facepalm.* They should know better, GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES, SEEDS, AND BEANS! U KNO DIS!!

If you think those eggs are just going to go to waste they won’t, hens actually cannibalise their eggs so they can get the nutrients back, kind of like how some ladies eat their placenta after child birth.

So stop trying to make ‘Veggan’ happen, it’s not going to happen!

Love & Peace,


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