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Vegan Eats | Sweet Treats

I always get hella excited when I find vegan treats in grocery stores. I found these in Morrisons they had loads of stuff, but I couldn’t afford it all.


I got some Rock Road from Lazy Day Foods it’s vegan and I’m so stoked because I can’t ever find marshmallow that doesn’t contain pork gelatine.

This is actually delicious, it’s like rocky road meets chocolate brownie.


I got these Mini Moos from Moo Free Chocolates, the mint one is just mind chocolate, pretty delicious, BUT the Bunnycomb Bar is like a vegan Crunchie! These were only 81 pence in Morrisons so I’m going back to bye ALL of them! 😍

Love & Peace,


7 thoughts on “Vegan Eats | Sweet Treats

    1. The Lazy Days millionaire shirt bread is also amazing! No, I’ve not those yet, I don’t have a large Sainsburys where I live, just a little one in the city centre. I do like the chocolate orange free from bars from Asda.

      Love & Peace, SBB. Xo

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      1. Hi, I’ve just reviewed the millionaire’s shortbread snd loved it. I hope you find the Sainsbury’s chocolate soon. I don’t have an Asda nearby but will keep an eye out for their choc orange, Chloe.

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