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Vegan Beauty | Lush Haul!


Lush is a mostly vegan, 100% cruelty free beauty brand. Their products are handmade, they look, smell, and feel absolutely stunning! The smell that comes from the Lush store while you try to walk past just pushes you in the door, I can’t resist it.

The Comforter Bubble Bar


It looks good enough to eat, actually it smells good enough to eat too! (Not recommended.) The Comforter is one of the super sized bubble bars and it can be used a few times, just crumble a little off under the tap for lots of bubbly berry goodness! Or throw the whole thing in if you really want, there are no rules here.


The Experimenter Bath Bomb

I’ve wanted to try this bath bomb for a while, because it’s so unique looking and it has ALL the colours.


It’s so beautiful! It turned my bath tub into a galaxy, it also has sparkles like little stars.


My skin smelled like candy afterwards.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

My homegirl got this for Christmas and I fell in love with the smell so I needed to have it in my life immediately! The Lush store I was in only had the little ones left over since they are limited edition at Christmas time, but you best believe next Christmas I will be buying so much of this shower gel and I found out it also comes as a perfume! šŸ˜ It sparkles and it smells like candy, it’s my new favorite thing!

Love & Peace,


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