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Oil Pulling: Results

Sorry I know this is late, I’ve been in London all weekend, also I woke up last Monday and thought it was Wednesday so last week was doomed from the beginning.

Anyway, so I planned to use coconut oil every day to oil pull my teeth, if you don’t know what oil pulling is check out my first post here. I did miss a couple of days to be fair, but overall I did notice a slight difference, like I actually think my teeth look whiter, now I don’t know if that’s because after I rinsed the oil out my mouth I brushed my teeth again or if the oil pulling did actually work. I do plan to keep oil pulling maybe a couple times a week so maybe I’ll update you all again in a couple of months, we’ll see.


Here’s a before (top.) And after (bottom.) I don’t know, but the before actually looks more white. 😂 hmm… I’m going to blame my camera and lighting, well lack of. Haha!

Regardless, I hope this helps and let me know in the comments if you have tried oil pulling and what your results were.

Love & Peace,


14 thoughts on “Oil Pulling: Results

    1. Yeah, I think I’m gonna keep doing it once or twice a week and see how it goes.

      I know someone that mixes turmeric and mint with coconut oil and just brushes their teeth with it and she has said she noticed her teeth are whiter after just a week, she still brushes her teeth with toothpaste as well.


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      1. Wow that’s interesting I always assumed turmeric would stain your teeth not whiten them- don’t know if I’d be brave enough to do it myself though bet it tastes awful! x


      2. I’ll look forward to reading that if you do :). In India I know they use turmeric to remove hair, I’ve always been interested in trying that but not sure if it would stain my skin x


      1. Yeah, i drink so many hot drinks too, but after reading your posts i think i may trial it for a week too… I have to admit i am a bit nervous of the taste and keeping it in my mouth for 10-15 mins 🙈

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      2. Honestly it’s not as bad as I expected, someone I know mixes coconut oil with turmeric and mint, and just uses it to brush their teeth instead of keeping the oil in their mouth. I might try that too.


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