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Laura Geller Makeup

This is basically just going to be a rant about shitty customer service. This is the reasons I will not ever shop Laura Geller again.

So you may remember I had some Laura Geller Makeup I’ve owned for a while and I was unsure of the cruelty free status. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about catch up here.) I like to let you guys know what is cruelty free and vegan, so I researched online and there was alot of conflicting information, so I thought why not go straight to them, so I did on the 6th of March I tweeted them (Social media tends to be the easiest way to get a quick answer from companies.) But I just got a basic reply asking me to email them, so I did. Anyway it got to March 20th and Laura Geller customer service team had still not replied so I just sent another email…


So I finally received a reply on the 21st of March and it just made me think okay maybe they didn’t get my first email, fair enough.


So anyway, I thought I’d email again and ask about the specific products I had and if they were vegan. (The Laura Geller products I own are actually pretty old and are pre vegan, I don’t want to be wasteful so I’m just using it up.)


Now it’s the 6th of April and yeah you guessed it no reply. Okay whatever Laura Geller, just means I won’t waste any money on your cosmetics again, I don’t know why they couldn’t have just sent me a vegan list in the first place, like emailing everytime to check if a specific item is vegan is an inconfuckingvenience! They could just have a vegan list available in the FAQs on their website, but too little too late, I won’t be shopping with Laura Geller again. Customer Service is everything and I just don’t want to contribute towards a company that obviously just doesn’t want my goddamn vegan money.

So guys, I’m sorry I couldn’t ever find out of those products were vegan or not, I am fairly sure they’re cruelty free, but I’m just going to avoid Laura Geller from now on because they’ve lost all my trust.


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