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The Beauty Blogger Tag


The Rules for this Tag:

Tag the blogger that nominated you Answer the questions you were given Nominate 10 bloggers whose blog is about beauty/lifestyle/fashion.

I was nominated by the lovely HappyBunnyBeauty.

My Answers

1.If you could only use three beauty products for the rest of your life what would they be?

♡ Superdrug makeup remover wipes. They are used for everything, brushes, mirrors, face. Eve Taylor C+ Bright Brightening Moisturiser, THIS is the most perfect makeup base. Lemon + Sage Body Butter Maximum Moisture Cream, because you gotta care for your body too!

2.What’s your favourite item in your makeup bag?

♡ Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Prom Night. This lipstick has become my life! Y’know if you haven’t noticed already.

3.Would you rather never wear makeup again or not use skincare products again?

♡ I’d rather never wear makeup again, because BB creams and tinted lip balm could suffice, and like ew, who wants makeup if you can’t cleanse and moisturise?!

4.What’s your favourite high end brand?

♡ Tarte is definitely my new favorite high end brand. All the products I’ve used so far are of the most beautiful quality, and their Amazonian Clay Foundation is incredible for my skin! Oh also Too Faced because they are so fun and pretty! Both these brands have a great range of vegan products too.

5.What’s your favourite drugstore brand?

♡ B./Superdrug it’s cheap and vegan!

6.What will your next makeup buy be?

♡ I need a new concealer so I will probably try one from Tarte. I like a good thick consealer that covers all my sins.

7.If you were writing your autobiography what would it be called?

♡ The Over Dramatic Life of a Land Mermaid.

8.What was your worst makeup disaster?

♡ Literally everytime I try to wing my eyeliner.

9. False or natural lashes?

♡ Natural lashes all the way, honestly it’s mostly because I’m lazy, and I’d probably glue my eyelids shut. False lashes are just not for me, I think they look great though.

10.What’s your favourite film?

♡ This is a hard one so I’m gonna choose 3 films (sorry.) Forrest Gump, Cowspiricy, and Filmage: The Story of Descendants/All.

My ten questions

1.  What’s your favorite dinosaur?

2. What lipstick shade do you rock the most?

3. Matte or shine?

4. Square nails or Almond nails?

5. Favorite and most used eyeshadow pallette?

6. Favorite song right now?

7. What is one beauty products or piece of makeup you swear by and couldn’t live without?

8. Do you apply your eyeliner inside out or outside in?

9. Where do you usually apply your makeup each day?

10. How many coats of mascara are too many?

My nominees

Vegan Mermaid

The Mindful Bunny

Samara Alessa

Plant Based Remi

Ok Keep It Real

Kindest Journey

Organically Glamorous

Avacado and Lipstick

Adryanas Beauty Blog

Charm Of Love


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