vegan beauty



So I was in London last weekend to see Screeching Weasel, anyway the one thing I wanted to do while in London was to visit Camden Market, I stopped by Cookies and Scream and got a vegan salted caramel milkshake and the most delicious vegan chocolate brownie ever, I highly highly recommend visiting them and getting some delicious vegan junk food!

Anyway, while I was checking out Camden Market I came across a handmade soap/ skincare stall called READ / THE / LABEL, they sell natural skincare and I noticed their soaps are vegan! I don’t know if everything is vegan as I only bought two soaps, one is lavender and tea tree, and the other is Bulgarian rose, they both smell so good! I absolutely love handmade soaps, so I was hella stoked finding out that they were vegan!

So here is what they say on their website…


We are dedicated to creating a range ofattractive and beneficial products, that have earned the right to be called’natural’. 

We believe in absolute clarity about what’s going into our products: aiming to build trust with transparency and educate through sharing. 

We are dedicated to keeping our marketing and packaging simple without making extravagant claims. 

We promise to never to fill our products with extra unnecessary ingredients. 

We aim to provide interesting and vital content such as tutorials, databases, and articles on natural and synthetic ingredients – to give you valuable resources and tools to better understand the cosmetics in your lives.

We do this to be the change we want to see; and we do it with love, passion and care. Always.” 

This is the sort of company I love to support, and I can’t wait to purchase more from them in the future!


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