Knowledge Is Power

What The dairy Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

It’s 2016, so isn’t it crazy that some people still actually think dairy cows are a magical breed of cow that just produces milk all the time? I don’t know if those people are just uneducated or just ignorant to the matter.

Cows are just like humans and have 9 month long pregnancies, they must give birth in order to produce milk, again just like humans cows produce milk for the sole purpose of nourishing their new born baby, but sadly before they even have a chance to nourish their young, they are stolen away.

97% of newborn calves are forcibly removed from their mothers within the first 12 hours after birth. On “humane” farms the new born calves are often removed with the first hour! They say this is because early separation is less stressful since the mother and baby haven’t had a chance to bond. Gary Yourofsky said “The worst scream I have ever heard, by far, is a mother cow on a dairy farm screaming her lungs out day after day for her stolen baby to be given back to her.”

To fill the huge demand for dairy products cows are forcibly artificially inseminated year after year. The constant cycle of pregnancy and birth creates a large surplus of calves. Some females calves will be doomed to be part of the milking herd and they will spend their first 2 to 3 months confined to small hutches and fed a REPLACEMENT MILK, y’know because humans are drinking their mothers milk produced for them. It’s madness. 21,000,000 male calves and surplus females are slaughtered each year globally for veal and cheap beef.

The extensive genetic manipulation means dairy cows now produce twelve times more milk than they would naturally produce to feed their young. Due to the unnatural milking sheduals the cows udders become painful and heavy, so heavy that they often drag on the floor resulting in infection and the overuse of antibiotics.

Cows milk is often contaminated with blood, pus, antibiotics, and pesticides. Cows milk is also linked to allergies, obesity, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and other serious disease and health issues.

Humans do not need to consume dairy products for calcium, iron, or protein, these nutrients can all be found in plant sources. How do you think the cows get their protein? No other being needs their mothers breast milk after infancy, and no other being needs milk that is from a completely different species.

Cows lifespan is about 20 to 25 years but the harsh and demanding cycle of forced pregnancy, birth, constant lactation, complete confinement takes its tole. The dairy cows over worked and physically exhausted bodies start to produce less and less milk, so at 4 or 5 years old they are taken to slaughter at just a fraction of their life.

All the pain and suffering just for a splash of milk in you coffee each morning and a slice of cheese on your sandwich at lunch. There are plenty of plant alternatives like soy, hemp, almond, rice, and oat milk. So why not live cruelty free? Why not go vegan?


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