Vegan Eats

Vegan Tuck Box Unboxing | April


Abakus Hickory Smoked Nuts

I really didn’t like these, they tasted like burnt caramel. I was unimpressed.

Lara Bar Chocolate & Coconut

I loved this, it was exactly like a nakd bar, if you don’t know what that is its just a bunch of raw ingredients squished together into a bar. They’re super good!

Cheeky Monkey Peanut Butter Puffs

Okay I’ve not tried these yet, they look like cheesey puffs but they are supposed to taste like peanut butter, I’m not ready for that mind fuck yet.

Inspiral Raspberry Coconut Pecks

I loved these, they were super sweet but super delicious, basically a healthy version of potatoe chips.

Veganz Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Oh my God! These are like a vegan less smiley version of BN biscuits, I actually ate the whole packet in one night… don’t judge me!

Liebharts Hazelnut Waffle

If you’ve ever been to Starbucks or any coffee shop they sell little chocolate wafer things at the counter where you pay, that’s what these are just a vegan version. These kinda things were a pre vegan favorite, so I was pretty stoked!

Vegan Egg

I am so pissed, only my inept dumb ass can fuck up scrambling egg. Apparently this is supposed to be super simple to make and I just don’t even know what happened. I’m super sad about the whole ordeal, like it wasn’t edible, but I will rebuy this and try again. It does smell like egg though!


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