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Can we make all supermarkets and chain restaurants vegan?

Well maybe not 100% vegan (yet.), but if you want it you have to ask for it. The more our community asks stores and restaurants to stock vegan brands, change ingredients to make something vegan friendly, or just to label their already vegan products as “suitable for vegans.” we will get it. We have to create the demand, just like the majority creates a demand for meat, dairy, and eggs.

Dominos Pizza UK

Currently Domino’s UK don’t do a vegan base.

Let’s get this changed. Tell them you are going to their competitors such as Pizza Hut and Papa Johns instead until they offer a vegan pizza base.

Contact them on Facebook here.

Their website here.

Tweet them here.

Sign the petition here.

Perfect World Ice Cream Company

Perfect World Ice Cream Company have recently released a new dairy free/gluten free icecream range.

Unfortunately, their ice cream contains egg! Not such a perfect world, eh?

Let’s contact them requesting they change their recipe and show there is more demand for egg-free ice cream:

You can message them on their Facebook page here.

Or by using their contact form on their website.

Linda McCartney Foods

Please can everyone message Linda McCartney Foods/post on their wall asking them to remove honey from their new “pulled” burgers. It is the only non-vegan ingredient, and it is easy to replace.

Send them a Facebook Message here.

And you can contact them using their contact form on their website as well.

Greggs Bakery

So, Greggs don’t currently offer any vegan meal options. Let’s change that! Let’s contact Greggs requesting vegan meal options!

Message them or post on their Facebook wall here.

Galaxy Chocolate

Currently no Galaxy chocolate products are suitable for vegans.

Let’s show them how much demand there is for mainstream vegan chocolate!

Message them on Facebook here.


Ocado are pretty good for stocking vegan products.

However, they also have a “product request” link at the bottom of their website.

So if there are any other products you would like to see Ocado sell, request away!

They can also be contacted via Facebook.


At present, their only vegan friendly* products are Bournville, Fry’s Chocolate Cream, Fry’s Peppermint Cream and Fry’s Orange Cream. It would be fantastic to see a wider range of products, especially as the Cadburys brand is so readily available in corner shops, supermarkets etc.

So let’s contact them and ask them to expand their milk free range.

Ask them on Facebook.

*All their products may contain traces of milk due to cross contamination risks.


So Kelloggs cereals are not suitable for vegans as they contain Vitamin D3 sourced from lanolin (sheeps wool).

Let’s contact them and ask them to change to a plant sourced Vitamin D.

Message them on Facebook.


Weetabix have a list of their vegan products easily available online.


I asked them to label these products as vegan and they hadn’t considered it but think it’s a great idea! Please message them to reinforce that they should label their vegan products as vegan.

Ask them on Facebook.

Betty Crocker

So, let’s ask Betty Crocker to label their vegan products as vegan!

I am also thinking we should suggest that they post on their Facebook page that their cake mixes can be made with a can of fizzy pop!

You can message them on their Facebook page here.

Tesco: Spicy Chickpea Salad Wrap

Please contact Tesco and ask them to remove yoghurt from their “Spicy Chickpea Salad” wrap so that it will be suitable for vegans.

You can message them or post on their Facebook wall here.

Marks & Spencer

Their falafel and spinach wrap, and avacado and red pepper sandwich both contain milk and would be vegan of they changed that one ingredient.

Contact them via the live chat in their website.

Message them on Facebook.

Jammie Dodgers

Jammie Dodgers are no longer vegan!

They have changed the recipe to include milk.

Sign the petition here.

Alternatively you can contact Burton’s directly using the details on their website.

Wine, Beer, and Liquor

Is your favorite booze vegan? check on

Keep updated on our vegan finds and supermarket activism.

Vegan Food Warriors UK

Veganify UK Supermarkets


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