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it Cosmetics

Yeah, just another rant about another cosmetics brand unwilling to share their vegan list.

Check out my rant on Laura Geller Makeup here.

So I messaged it Cosmetics via their contact form on their website, I mentioned that I knew they were cruelty free but if they could send me a vegan list or tell me which products were not vegan friendly. This was the first reply…


So yeah, I thought okay maybe this is just a standard reply that they use, at least I know the brushes they sell are vegan so that’s something right? Anyway, I replied…


And again it Cosmetics replied (almost immediately.) Just telling me how they were cruelty free, just ignoring my question all together.


And here is there last reply before I gave up…


Like, I don’t have the time to look through and research every ingredient listed, and I’m not going to message a company every time I want to buy something just to check if it’s vegan, I’m just going to shop with other cosmetics brand that make their vegan lists readily available and easy to find.

I just don’t understand why they aren’t willing to share any information on vegan products, even if only a couple of products in their range are vegan it’s something I want to share, maybe if those products boom, they’d be willing to make more of their products vegan. I don’t know, but I just won’t be shopping with it Cosmetics.

Anyway, if any of you guys want to give them an email and try to request a vegan list then hit them up at


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