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Vegan Beauty | First Impressions | Too Faced Melted Metal 

I’ve fancied a metallic Lipstick for a while, but trying to find a vegan one was a pain in the butt! Until I was working on the Too Faced Vegan List post and I found out that Too Faced have a metallic Lipstick, and it’s vegan! Yay!

So I purchased one, behold the Too Faced Melted Metal Liquified Metallic Lipstick in the shade Jelly, I bought it online and I thought this shade would be a little more pinky, it’s more purple, but that’s okay it’s sometimes difficult to tell true shades from swatches online. Jelly is actually a super pretty colour.

So in true Too Faced tradition, the packaging is just completely stunning. I love it, everyone loves it. It’s fun, and bright, and beautiful.

Okay so I opened it, when I first say the applicator I was like “ew.” but it’s so soft and it works really well, I really was pleasantly surprised!

(Yeah, I know, I should of taken the picture before I used it. Don’t judge me. I have zero self control when it comes to makeup.)

Let’s get down to the lipstick itself, it smells incredible like candy! Oh my God, someone needs to bottle the scent!

On my first application of this lipstick  I didn’t use a lip liner, which I would recommend and I did use a lip liner the second time I applied this lipstick. It is a little patchy without a lip liner. You gotta be generous with this lipstick to get the full effect. It isn’t as metallic as I would like it to be, but it’s definitely a “wearable” shade it’s super beautiful.

The only thing is I expected it to be drying or at least set some kinda way, but it literally is just a melted down Lipstick in a tube, like it feels like lipstick on my lips. It’s not sticky or tacky which is great.

It is not long lasting at all, I guess just like a regular lipstick/lip gloss. It doesn’t claim to be long wearing but again because I thought it was going to set/dry I just assumed it would be.

I love Too Faced, and I love the packaging, the texture or the product, and the shades… but I don’t like the price point, or the longevity of the lipstick, it just wasn’t metallic enough, I also don’t like that you do need a lot of product to get a good coverage and really see the full effect of the lipstick.

So, for me it just missed the mark a little, and it left me wanting something more. So sadly this product does not get my seal of approval.

Love & Peace, SBB. Xo

P.S. If anyone can recommend a vegan friendly metallic lipstick hit me up in the comments below, or on twitter. Ciao.


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