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Vegan Beauty | Vegan List | Girlactik

Girlactik Beauty is a cruelty free mostly vegan brand from California.

“Girlactik beauty is on the rise now as the next “It Brand” which focuses on color, shimmer, and glowing beautiful skin.”

“Thank you for reaching out to Girlactik. All of our cosmetics are vegan friendly EXCEPT the shade(s) of the following products use carmine:

♡ Face Glow: in the shade Natural, Waiting On Lab Confirmation On Lustre

♡ Face Glimmer: in the shade Pink Diamond

♡ Star Blush: in the shade Madrid

♡ Star Shadow: Waiting For Lab Confirmation On All Shades

Below is the list of brushes that we need to transfer over to synthetics so they are currently NOT vegan friendly:

♡ Blush Brush: Goat hair; apply for blush or highlighter

♡ Shadow Brush: Sable/pony hair; to apply eye shadow

♡ Crease Brush: Sable/pony hair; apply on crease area / inner lid

Matte Lip Paints are vegan friendly even though on the carton’s ingredient list it lists beeswax (Cera Alba) because it is the synthetic version.

Thank you again for making sure the beauty products you use are vegan friendly.”


Thank you Girlactik Beauty for being kind to the animals and sharing your vegan list with me!

Love & peace, SBB. Xo


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