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Vegan Beauty | Review | You Dirty Scrub Bath Salts

You Dirty Scrub is a certified vegan and cruelty free small homegrown beauty brand from my home town. Famous for their all natural coffee face and body scrubs.

You Dirty Scrub are just about to launch a new product which is their Bath Salts, I picked up a packet early from their stall at the Scottish Vegan Festival.

The Bath Salts come in two varieties Mint & Eucalyptus and, Orange & Rosemary. I chose the Mint and Eucalyptus as it just smells so fresh, and warm, and beautiful! I was so super excited to throw this in my bath and just chill out. It’s £5.00 for 200g, it has 5 all natural, all vegan ingredients.


Bath time! I added half the packet into the bath while the hot water was running, it’s up to yourself how much you want to use, it can be a whole bag or just a teaspoon. If you are using just a little and saving the rest remember to store the packet in a cool dry place, a kitchen cupboard would be perfect.

This product would be so perfect if you were feeling a little under the weather and just wanted to soak in a nice hot bath. Eucalyptus oil is great for helping clear a stuffy nose.

Not only did this make my bathroom smell amazing, the smell traveled through my apartment and it just smells so fresh and beautiful!


My skin feels so hydrated and smooth, and after soaking in the tub for a while taking in the scent I just feel so relaxed and refreshed.

Coming up to Christmas I think products like this are great for stocking fillers and secret Santa gifts… or as a treat for yourself.

You can purchase You Dirty Scrub from YouDirtyScrub.com, their Ebay store, their Etsy store, and from EcoHabitude.

Follow You Dirty Scrub on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Love & Peace, SBB. Xo



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