100% Vegan Beauty

Vegan Beauty | Sugar Venom

Sugar Venom Eco Cosmetica are a cruelty free vegan indy cosmetics brand from Australia.

Here is what Sugar Venom say about themselves

“We provide you with luxurious performance makeup made with natural, non-toxic ingredients. Sugar Venom delivers flawless results without compromise.

Simply put, we sell the best mineral vegan makeup in Australia. We are an ethically conscious brand who believes in treading lightly and loving animals (while looking smoking hot, of course!). We believe EVERYONE should want the best and look their best.

Our products contain no parabens, heavy metals, dangerous chemicals, palm oil, toxic ingredients, nano-particles, artificial fragrances, animal ingredients, gluten, carmine, ferric ferrocyanide or bismuth oxychloride.”

Sugar Venom have a very interesting article on their website Whats Wrong With Makeup? Very informative and intresting, I would recomend you all have a peek.

What do Sugar Venom say about testing on animals?

“We do not test our products on animals. We are currently in the process of gaining the relevant certifications. Please bare with us, as we are a new company.”

Sugar Venom’s products are 100% vegan.

Sugar Venom use 100% recycled paper and cardboard in their packaging.

I have included Sugar Venom perviously in my Vegan False Eyelashes post.

Love & peace, SBB. Xo



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