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Vegan Beauty | Vegan List | The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a British skincare and cosmetics brand that is 100% Vegetarian and cruelty free.

Despite being owned by L’Oreal, The Body Shop itself is a cruelty free brand that does not sell in China. I feel it is personal preference if you choose to shop with brands that are owned by larger corporations that are not cruelty free. Personally I think it is important to support all cruelty free brands that offer vegan products.

What is The Body Shops cruelty free statement?

“As others in our industry have followed our lead Against Animal Testing in the beauty industry, we continue to advocate for global change whilst ensuring that we meet our own high standards. All The Body Shop products and ingredients undergo extensive testing to ensure they are safe and effective, while also remaining cruelty-free.”

Read more about their testing methods here.

In October 2009, The Body Shop was awarded a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by the RSPCA, in recognition of it’s policy which ensures ingredients are not tested on animals by it’s suppliers.

Read here how the body shop makes sure their ingredients have not been tested on animals.

Does The Body Shop use sustainable palm oil?

“Palm oil as a direct ingredient has limited use in our products, mainly soap. We source 100% sustainable palm oil from RSPO certified suppliers. By the end of 2011, we sourced 100% of our palm oil and 100% of our wood from certified sustainable sources. We believe it is better to support 100% sustainable palm oil rather than boycott it altogether. We want to support and promote farmers that choose to grow palm for its oil in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.”

The Body Shops recycling and eco policy.

The Body Shop use beeswax and honey in some products preventing them for being a 100% vegan company, but fingers crossed this is something that will change in the future. It would be amazing to see a 100% vegan high street store.

Check out The Body Shops other commitments here.

I emailed The Body shop as i couldn’t find a list on their website, they replied really fast and they sent me a spread sheet of their vegan products, I will link a Google Sheets copy of their vegan list HERE.

Also here is a copy of their email that has additional information to making sure the products you are buying from The Body Shop are vegan friendly.

“Thank you for contacting The Body Shop.

Please find the full list attached.

 Please note that the article number is important because it is specific to a formulation. All article numbers in the list start with 10 and then you add 5 digit number that you can find on the product label or on the web site (if you have not ordered yet).

 It is possible to have different formulations of a single product on the market at the same time, one of which is vegan and one of which is not and the only way to differentiate is with the article number.

 Also, there are new lists issued every quarter”


Yes, The Body Shop are owned by L’Oreal but I think it is incredibly important to show support for brands that themselves are cruelty free and offer vegan products.

Love & Peace, SBB. Xo


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