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Vegan Beauty | Vegan List | Jouer Cosmetics

Jouer Cosmetics is a luxury cruelty free cosmetics brand based in Los Angeles, California.

What does Jouer say on animal testing…

“Jouer Cosmetics does not test on animals.”

I emailed Jouer to ask for a copy of their vegan list and they responded within 24 hours, here is a copy of what they said…


Thank you for the message, currently the only 100% vegan products we have are our Liquid Lipsticks, Daily/ Repair Oils and our Kitten Liner.

Best Wishes,
Jouer Customer Service”

So their only vegan products are their Long-Wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick (All shades.)Kitten Liner which is a liquid eyeliner pen, and their Daily Repair Treatment Oil.

I know some people would rather buy from 100% vegan brands, but it is always good to show brands that there is a call for cruelty free vegan products. Jouer don’t have a large range of vegan products but hopefully in the future they will have a larger selection.

You can purchase Jouer Cosmetics from and in the UK from

Peace & love, SBB. Xo


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