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Vegan Beauty | Vegan List | Sugarpill Cosmetics

Sugarpill Cosmetics is a cruelty free Leaping Bunny Program certified cosmetics brand based in Los Angeles, CA.

Here is the cruelty free statment from Sugarpill

“Our supreme love of animals plays a major role in almost every decision we make, down to our kitty mascot. To us, “cruelty-free” isn’t just a marketing gimmick. We are animal-loving vegetarians/vegans and do not wear fur or purchase cosmetics from companies that test on animals. By offering a beautiful selection of cruelty-free cosmetics – most of them vegan – we hope to show people how fun and easy it is to make animal-friendly choices.”

Are any of your products or ingredients tested on animals?
NEVER! Animals are for kissing and cuddling, not testing on. We are Leaping Bunny certified.”

All of Sugarpills vegan cosmetics are clearly labelled and they do have a  vegan section on their website, I don’t think the vegan section is updated often, but most of their products are vegan friendly.

I have put together a list so you can see all the vegan products Sugarpill has to offer in one place.

  • Lip Sticks in the shades, Cubby, Detox, Girl Crush, Nurse, Spank, and U4EA
  • Liquid Lip Color in the shades, Trinket, and Kim Chi.
  • Pressed Eyeshadows in the shades, Pumpkin Spice, Money Maker, Kim Chi, Castle On The Hill, Heart Shaped Cookie, Home Sweet Home, Ice Angel, The Inventor, Suburbia, Acidberry, Bulletproof, Buttercupcake, Candy Crush, Diamond Eyes, Frostine, Midori, Mochi, Soot & Stars, Subterenean, Tako, and Velocity.
  • Loose Eyeshadows in the shades, Absinthe, Asylum, Charmy, Clickbait, Countess, Goldilux, Grand Tiara, Hug Life, Lumi, Magpie, Mint Soda, Penelope, Royal Sugar, Stella, and Strangeling.
  • Elektrocutes Neon Pigments in the shades, Hellatronic, Hi-Viz, Love Buzz, Sparkage, and Supercharged.
  • False eyelashes in the styles, Heiress, Lullaby, Plush, Angel Baby, Dewdrop, Baby Dewdrop, Cateye, Charlotte, Crystalline, Flutter, Fortress, Glitzy, Hush, Idol, Imperial, Majestic, Porceline, Precious, Saint, Sinnocent, Spark, Supreme, Sweet Kiss, Toxic, V, and XOXO.
  • Induvidual flase eyelashes in the styles, Firefly, and Whisper.


  • Nail Polish in the shades, Angel Cake, Catmosphere, Celestia, Cloud Castle, Divinity, Electric, Meteora, Space Junk, Starcastic, and Supermoon.
  • All makeup brushes are vegan friendly.

As you can see almost all of the products Sugarpill has on offer are vegan friendly, brands like Sugarpill just make me so so happy. Sugarpill eyeshadows are so highly pigmented you would not believe, just incredible products all round.

Love & Peace, SBB. Xo


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