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Madas Haven For Misfit Superheros

Today we are straying from our regular programming to tell you all about the very wonderful Mada and her Haven for Misfit Superheros, and all that she does to save these beautiful souls.

Mada & Pups

Let me tell you a little about Mada first. Mada is 33 years old and lives in Bucharest, Romanian. She has been around animals and rescued them almost all her life, at 7 years old Mada rescued her first cat that she gave it to her grandma. Throughout Madas childhood she rescued animals from various circumstances. Sara is Madas oldest rescue cat, still living at 16 years old. Before the haven, Mada  managed her own renewable energy business, she was working on her PhD, and she trained dogs for the Rescue Dogs’ Club. Mada trained and became a certified disaster manager, that is was what she hoped to do full-time, work for the UN as a first-line of intervention. Mada described herself as “just a regular nerd.” but she is more like Super-mum.

Around 5 years ago Mada took on her largest rescue case,  11 puppies abandoned in a field – before that she would take in one case at a time, and figure out how to heal and re-home them. This one was too much at once. Mada needed help, Luckily she met and became friends with some “professional” rescuers in Romanian. They took photos of the puppies and taught Mada how to use Facebook to try to re-home the puppies. Unfortunately all  the puppies got distemper, despite treatment 4 of the puppies died. 3 of the 11 puppies are still with Mada today, they are called Helicopter, Gratiela and Gutti. Mada bought the land next to her mothers house, so they would have more room and not be stuck in a tiny pen.

Mada & Gutti

From then Madas haven has blown up, from 6 cats to 37, from 3 dogs to 17. Also currently living in Madas Haven is Tristin the 17 year old horse, Cappy the goat who think She is one of the dogs (She even had her own Facebook page.), Add to that a hedgehog sleeping in the bathroom, two bunnies, a pigeon, and a guinea pig. 61 Misfit Superheros in total!

I asked Mada what it would cost to create the perfect haven, Madas replied that it is incalculable. Basically the inn and the stables are full, and currently Madas Haven is overwhelmed. Adoptions are priceless and that is what the dream is, to see some of the Misfit Superheros in forever homes with families of their own. Adoptions are key to keeping Madas Haven a haven for the ones that may not ever be rehome-able.

Currently it costs Mada at the very minimum 1500 Euro a month on food and vet bills.

With winter coming in hard and fast and temperatures soon plummeting to below -20°C, Mada is desperate to winter proof the yard for the animals. Paws2Rescue support Mada as much as possible with fundraising, but without adoptions the money raised has to go on food and vet bills for survival rather than repairs and improvements to thrive.

Here is a copy of work that desperately needs done before the snow hits Bucharest…

– Pour cement in the inner fence areas.
The cement will also limit mud, and prevents any accidents or escapes. The cement will also cost 150-250 Euro plus a potential labour fee.

– Cover the walls of the enclosed areas with OSB sheets.

– Build or buy doors for the enclosed areas. 3 paddock doors, 1 double stable door, and 1 goat door.

– Weld the metal fence and mount tin on the broken fences for the three paddocks so dogs can’t get through or get their heads stuck. Replace and weld new hinges on the broken gates.

– Put gravel in the worst mud areas, so it hopefully compacts.

– Repair the dog houses, change tin covering, paint them, and build 3 new ones, so everyone has a comfy space to retreat to, even in the indoor spaces.

– Build a small roofed area in the front yard.

– Close off a part of the stable to create a safe space for the goat and for bales of hay. Tristan tried to go after the goat so sadly we can’t safely leave the two together unsupervised.

– Buy about 100 bales of straw so we can fill up the enclosed spaces and dog houses in the paddocks to keep them warm – also used to insulate the stable (we can’t realistically afford to cover it all with polystyrene or another OSB sheet).

– Do minor repairs (due to budget constraints) to the dog room in the small cottage, so the roof won’t collapse inwards, enabling us to have a small treatment and emergency room, with maybe battery-operated light and food storage.

– Demolish the old shed.

Besides this list all the animals need booster vaccinations, and de-wormed. Also some dogs have skin conditions which need treatment. Mada needs money for heart-worm treatment for one dog, a follow up leg surgery for another. Tristian also needs his hooves seen to as soon as possible. This all costs money and without donations and support from Paws2Rescue this would be completely impossible. Mada cannot possibly do this alone without support… No human or supernatural being could do this work alone.

To support Mada and all that she does please donate via her paypal, or via YouCaring. Every little helps and every single penny goes towards the care of the Misfit Superheros.

Most of Madas cats are available for adoption via Paws2Whiskers, If you are interested in adopting one of Madas beautiful kitties please email for all the information on how to do so.

Before I go I just want to say a huge thank you to Mada for all that she does, thank you for caring for these beautiful souls, thank you for being a compassionate and loving human being, and thank you for taking time out of your busy busy days to let me pester you with questions.

Love & Peace, SBB. Xo




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