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NYX Is Not Vegan

Hey guys,

I always see a lot of conflicting information in regards to NYX Cosmetics vegan/cruelty free status.

Here is their cruelty free statement found on the FAQ section of their website,

“NYX Professional Makeup is certified and acknowledged by organisations, such as PETA, as a cruelty free brand. We are committed to producing 100% cruelty free cosmetics. We do not test any of our products on animals.”

So NYX are cruelty free, I guess they do not state where their ingredients come from and if the ingredients themselves are cruelty free, I don’t really know what the deal is with how cruelty free does a brand need to be to be certified as cruelty free, but I guess you never really know so it’s personal choice what you believe and where you put your money, right?

Anyway, I emailed NYX to ask for a copy of their vegan product list, it’s not possible as they have many manufacturers and formulas change from batch to batch, so no they are not vegan, if you know your ingredients you may be able to find a couple of vegan products, but their are so many amazing cruelty free and vegan brands that it’s not really worth your time to be honest.

Love & peace, SBB. Xo

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2 thoughts on “NYX Is Not Vegan

  1. NYX does carry vegan products, in fact most of their products are vegan. Titling this article as “NYX is not vegan” is very misleading. You can look online at the ingredients to differentiate.


    1. NYX confirmed via email that they have multiple manufacturers and product cycles and cannot guarantee any of their products are vegan. It is up to the individual customer if they wish to look at ingredients listing and still purchase from NYX cosmetics. I will copy the email here if you are interested.

      “Dear Nia,
      Thank you for contacting NYX Cosmetics.
      Please note our products are not certified as vegan. Since we have multiple manufacturers and product cycles, one product could have slightly different formulations depending on where and when it was made. As a result, we’re unable to give out generalized ingredient information.
      It is best to refer to the product packaging for a complete list of ingredients and determine if the item is right for you. To see products in person, you can use the “ Store Locator(”: to find retailers nearyou that carry our goodies.
      We appreciate your interest in NYX Cosmetics.

      Best regards”

      SBB. Xo

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