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Vegan Beauty | Vegan List | Tatcha

Tatcha is a cruelty free luxury skincare brand based in San Francisco. Tatcha products are formulated in Japan and inspired by the Geisha beauty rituals.

Here is a copy of Tatcha cruelty free statement found on the FAQ section of their website, Tatcha is also officially part of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program.

“We do not test on animals in any country, nor do our vendors, chemists, manufacturers or formulators.”

Unfortunately Tatcha only have one vegan friendly product, but one is better than none, right? And hopefully having a larger range of vegan products is something they will think about in the future.

I used the contact form on their website to ask which of their products were vegan and they got back to me within a couple of hours,

“The only item which I can certainly tell you is vegan is our Original Petal-Fresh Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers, which are 100% abaca leaf and gold flake.”

If you have any questions you can email Tatcha at

Love & peace, SBB. Xo



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