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Vegan Beauty | Review | So Eco Brushes

Hey lovebugs,

So Eco kindly sent me some of their brushes to review. (Not sponsored.) Anyway, as always I will tell you a little about the brand before I begin the review.

So Eco are an eco friendly brand who source 100% of their product components ethically and responsibly. Their packaging is made from biodegradable and compostable components, the “plastic” window is actually made from corn starch, they use water based solvent free adhesives, and the ink used is made from vegetables.

The brushes themselves are 100% cruelty free and vegan. The brush handles are made from sustainably sourced bamboo, the ferrules are made using recycled aluminium, the brush bristles are made from taklon which is a synthetic fibre.

If you purchase one of their brush sets, the bag is made form unbleached sustainable cotton.

I have been using these brushes for a good few weeks now, so I think I can give a pretty honest review.

Firstly before I review each brush individually, the brushes are all very comfortable to hold and use, and so far I have had zero bristle shedding.

Complexion Sponge

The complexion sponge I actually purchased myself from Tesco, it was the first time I had heard of this brand so I was excited to try it, and it’s what led me to reach out to So Eco.

Image courtesy of

As you can see the packaging is super pretty. The sponge itself wasn’t really for me sadly. It’s just a little too dense, I like a super soft squishy sponge, I actually prefer to apply my foundation with a brush but that’s not the point. I do find this sponge is great for applying loose powder when baking the under eye area, also if you bake your contour it gives you a really sharp line.

So Eco sent me their Eye Brush Kit, a bronzer brush, and a stippling brush.


I love the rose gold ferrule, these brushes are truly beautiful!

Eye Brush Kit

The So Eco Eye Brush Kit comes with a lash/brow comb, being honest I probably won’t use it much, I just much prefer to use a spooley when I brush my brows, but I will find a use for it somewhere, it’s actually something that is missing from my brush collection believe it or not. Fine Liner Brush, which I like pen eyeliners, just now my favourite is Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Liner (Cruelty free & vegan.) But this would be great for gel liner, I have been using it to apply fake freckles with an eyebrow pomade/mousse and it works amazingly for that! Flat Liner Brush, it is so perfect for smoking out the lower lash line, it is the most perfect for under my eye lashes. Two Eye Shading brushes, both of these brushes are great for getting shadow perfectly in the crease and inner and outer corners. The smaller one is also great for smoking out the lower lash line, the larger one is also good for packing colour onto the lid. Overall I think this brush set is great value for money, it comes in a little cotton case with Velcro fastening, it also has elasticated slots for each brush, it actually has extra slots so you could add in any extra brushes you needed. This set pretty much has everything someone would need as a beginner, it is lacking a fluffy blending brush, but that isn’t something you couldn’t pick up easily anywhere to add into this kit.

Stippling Brush

I usually use a Kabuki brush to apply my foundation, I like a full coverage foundation and I always feel a brush applies this best. I have never really used a Stippling brush before. I have been using the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation (Cruelty free) I’m in the shade 1.0. Anyway, I actually hated this foundation so much when I first started using it, it wasn’t really lasting me much more than a few hours before separating on my face and becoming patchy, but I have been trying it with different applications, and I really love the way this stippling brush applies my foundation and blends it out, to start off there are so many brush lines, but as you keep blending it smooths out so evenly. I have tried out this brush with a few other foundations over the past few weeks, and it gives them all a lovely smooth and even finish.

Bronzer Brush

I don’t actually use bronzer, well i’ll use it for contouring but definitely couldn’t do that with a big fluffy brush. So I have been using this brush for blush. I am really enjoying it,I usually use a little blush brush but this big fluffy one is applying my blush so much nicer, I can use high pigment brushes and they blend so beautifully with this brush. This brush could always be used as just a regular powder brush too. It is so super soft and fluffy.


Overall I highly rate these brushes, prices range from around £3.00 to £15.00, that is such amazing value for money. The quality is amazing, I have used some expensive ass brushes that do not even compare to the quality of these brushes! They are also eco and animal friendly, so what more can you ask for?

So Eco are available to purchase in store at Tesco, and online at

Love & Peace, SBB. Xo



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