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My Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick Collection

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is my go to cosmetic brand, Jeffree’s products are 100% cruelty free and vegan.

JeffreeStarCosmetics.com ships internationally and offers free shipping on all US orders.
Check out other retailers here.

I have a few shades of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in my collection now, I love the formula and the staying power of these liquid lips, they can dry out your lips a little if you wear them a lot, but I always make sure I exfoliate my lips with Popcorn Lip Scrub from Lush Cosmetics and I always use a lip balm before application and also after I remove my makeup at night.


So If you have been around a while you will know my go to shade is Prom Night, I love the bright in your face Barbie pink, It pretty much goes with everything! I love this colour so much I am actually on my third one!


I do love Drug Lord, and Breakfast At Tiffany’s but they aren’t every days shades, I do use them alot to mix with other colours, that is one thing I love about these is you can mix any shades together and create your own persona unique shade, that’s pretty rad. Drug Lord is actually very good to use as a liquid eyeliner!

Posh Spice, Scorpio (Does Scorpio count as a nude?), and Rose Matter are my other go to colours, these nudes give me life! I probably wear these most as I can wear them all day at work, or wear them with a really bold eye look.

My least favourite shade was Hoe Hoe Hoe (Winter 2015 collection) The formula was a more moussey, I didn’t feel that it dried down completely, and the glitter reflects were just a little too chunky for me, but I think Jeffree knows this formula wasn’t his best and that is probably why it never made it into the permanent collection.

I’m Royalty again I wear often, I know a lot of people would be like eek! at such a bold purple, but I love the shade, it’s beautiful and loud.


714 (Summer 2016 Collection.), again not my favourite, it applies a little streaky on first coat, but with another coat it’s fine. I just don’t really suit colours this pale.

Watermelon Soda (Summer 2016 Collection.), is another favourite of mine, a bold pink with a sweet sweet scent!

Not pictured in swatches is No Tea No Shade, I picked this up recently from Beauty Bay, and I live for this shade! It’s beautiful, I get so many compliments when I wear it out, very unique.


Shades on my wish list are definitely, Anna Nicole, Dream House, and Gemini.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks are pretty much the only lipsticks I use, seriously they are that good I can’t tear myself away.


Check out my review of Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer Palette here.

Let me know what you guys think, what is your favourite shade of Velour Liquid Lipstick?

Love & peace, SBB. Xo



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