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My Week In Makeup #87

I’m terrible, Like so bad. I have nothing to show you guys this week, hence why I am two days late, I’ve been trying to think of something to post.

So, anyway, It was really warm and sunny this week, I’ve also been so lost in the days. When I don’t wear makeup I wear a BB cream, I have been using 5-in-1 Day Cream BB cream from Superdrug, it is vegan and cruelty free.

This year I have so much going on, I think my next big thing is I am going to Romania in May with Paws2Rescue, it’s going to be fun playing with the dogs and other animals in the sun, meeting rescuers I have only even spoken with online, but it will also be very serious and more than likely very upsetting as I will see first hand some of the worst animal cruelty you can imagine, you will be able to follow my story on the Paws2Rescue Facebook page.

The day after I come back from Romania I will be packing my bags and then heading off to Paris for a weekend! It’s always a city I have wanted to visit so we will be hardcore tourists that weekend and I get to visit Disney Land for the first time ever! Don’t worry I will blog all about it! I am hella excited.

As always I will be at Rebellion Festival in August, My most favourite time of the year.

Other plans I had this year, was to start a van conversions, the plans for this have just been all over the place, I didn’t want to sink a whole bunch of money into a very expensive nearly new van/bus, but older cheaper vans/buses just had so much work needing done and they weren’t really worth it, so we are now looking for a VW Westfalia restoration project.

So yes, this is what the future holds, I am excited and of course I will take you guys with me.

With the way I blog, I feel like its not very personal, and that you all don’t really know me, but I was thinking of doing a Q&A so if you have any questions hit my up in the comments or send me an email or a tweet.

Uhm, yeah, I think that is all I have for you guys just now. Thanks again for taking time to read my blog and support me, it really is appreciated.

Love & Peace, SBB. Xo

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