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My Week In Makeup #91

Hi Lovelies,

Just a quick reminder that not all of the products I use are vegan friendly but that’s because they were pre vegan purchases and it would be wasteful to just throw them away, so I plan to use them until they’re finished and just not repurchase.

Please remember to always check with the company or look at ingredients before purchasing, product formulations or ingredients can change over time. Products used in “My Week In Makeup” that are marked “Vegan” may only relate to the shade used if applicable.

Check out last weeks looks here.

Check out my brand review of Arctic Fox Hair Color here.

So, I’m starting to suck at this. No makeup again this week. I’m sorry! Eek! I have been so busy preparing for my Romania trip.

I did do my nails thought, check out this rad unicorn look!

I’m not sure what glitter this is, I got it on ebay a while back. The gel polish is Biosculpture Evo Gel in the colour Annabelle. I wish you could really appreciate the sparkle but the pictures do no justice. Yes, those are my natural nails. The Evo gel polish is 100% cruelty free and vegan, it’s what I use in the salon.

Recently I also splurged a bit and bought a Nikon D3300, so I have been playing around with that. My friend Laura and I went to visit Fairy Land it’s a memorial that has been set up for someone in woods local to us, so we took Ricky or a 2 hour adventure and I tried out my new camera.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway, I promise I will actually have some makeup looks for you next week!

Love & peace, SBB. Xo


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