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NARS Is No Longer Cruelty Free

It's with sadness that I write this, beauty giant NARS has chosen profits over ethics and have decided to start selling within China.  This is the update on their website, "We are launching in China later this year and local regulations mandate animal testing on imported cosmetics. We have updated our website FAQ to reflect… Continue reading NARS Is No Longer Cruelty Free

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  26|05|2017 - 30|05|2017 I travelled to Bucharest, Romania as part of Paws2Rescue. We arrived at the hotel pretty late the first night, so we just got some sleep to prepare for our early start the next morning. The next morning was real miserable, still warm outside, but torrential rain. We decided to visit one… Continue reading Adventure|Romania

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Ruby Cup | Review

Hey Lovebugs, I have been using the Ruby Cup menstrual cup for over a year now so I thought I would finally be able to give you a fairly good review. As always I will give you a little more information on Ruby Cup as a company first, this is what they say on their… Continue reading Ruby Cup | Review

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Madas Haven For Misfit Superheros

Today we are straying from our regular programming to tell you all about the very wonderful Mada and her Haven for Misfit Superheros, and all that she does to save these beautiful souls. Let me tell you a little about Mada first. Mada is 33 years old and lives in Bucharest, Romanian. She has been… Continue reading Madas Haven For Misfit Superheros

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Can we make all supermarkets and chain restaurants vegan?

Well maybe not 100% vegan (yet.), but if you want it you have to ask for it. The more our community asks stores and restaurants to stock vegan brands, change ingredients to make something vegan friendly, or just to label their already vegan products as "suitable for vegans." we will get it. We have to… Continue reading Can we make all supermarkets and chain restaurants vegan?

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What The dairy Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

It's 2016, so isn't it crazy that some people still actually think dairy cows are a magical breed of cow that just produces milk all the time? I don't know if those people are just uneducated or just ignorant to the matter. Cows are just like humans and have 9 month long pregnancies, they must… Continue reading What The dairy Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

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Okay... *eye roll.* I kinda can't with the whole 'Veggan' thing. Yes, okay, these rescued back yard hens are having a lovely time, being cared for, getting cuddles, ect. But why does that make you want to eat their period even more?! Guys, that's hella gross! It's better than being a Meat Tard, and if… Continue reading “Vegganism”

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Shame on Moinesti!

Copied from Paws2Rescue... Despite us trying to help, adopting dogs, Moinesti public shelter has announced that it is euthanising after 14 days of capture. Once again we have emailed the Mayor. Please can everyone share so that the world's eyes remain on Moinesti. Locals please help the dogs, please go in and adopt. Stop these… Continue reading Shame on Moinesti!

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A Concrete Prison

I have never been to Seaworld, and I never have planned to visit. I know animals are not here for human entertainment. These animals are not ours, they are not owned by Seaworld, how can a living being be owned?! They were stolen, stolen from their homes, stolen from their families. ANIMALS ARE NOT HERE… Continue reading A Concrete Prison